Sistema Paroli

Paroli System

The Paroli system is a system that makes it possible to win large sums without having to risk a lot of money with high stakes. Compared to  other systems , the Paroli method represents for many the option with the lowest stress content and is also quite simple once the operation is understood. Consequently, this method can be excellent for those who want to have fun and also have a fruitful experience at the table. By not making strong bets, there is no need to stress a lot when losing a spin. This is the main reason why many people prefer this method over other options like the   Fibonacci method . Here’s how the Paroli method works

Benefits of the Paroli system applied to Roulette

To understand the advantages of using the Paroli method, you only need to take a closer look at the Labouchere, considered by many to be the most commonly used roulette strategy, which basically doubles the bet at every loss, in order to recover the two defeats with a victory. Consequently, when a series of defeats is inserted it is possible to return to even numbers by making big bets.

The Paroli method is the exact opposite of the Labouchere: when you win, you only increase the size of the bet. You risk more when you win, so it’s difficult to stress during the game.

Risking less with the Paroli method than the  Labouchere , you must also consider that there is always risk involved. You may also not win while using the system correctly . After all, roulette is a game of chance. Many beginners will find the Paroli system more relaxing and comfortable when playing at an online casino.

The basics of the Paroli method

With the Paroli it is possible to place any type of bet  you want, but it is generally recommended to stay on the outside bets: red, black, high, low, even and odd.

Start applying the Paroli method by selecting the initial bet. If you lose a spin, it will be enough to place the bet again. When winning the first time, leave the initial bet and winnings on the table. After the second victory, do the same and keep the model with each new victory. The chips will accumulate quickly when you put on a good winning streak.

In addition to establishing a starting bet, it is wise to determine how much you want to win. In this way, having in mind a figure, you can stop playing when you reach the set goal.

Il Paroli in action

Here is an example of how the Paroli system works.

  • Put a chip on the red.
  • During the first round, the ball lands on red and you win another chip. Now you have 2 chips on red.
  • Keep both chips on the cloth, betting again. And again on red.
  • You still win with red and now you have 4 chips, which you leave in play. You can bet red for the third time.
  • The ball lands on red and now you have 8 chips. Your initial goal was to have 8 and then remove those chips from the table. You can restart or leave the table.

Now, suppose in point 5 instead of winning you lose all 8 chips. This may sound like a blow, but in reality, when you started you only had 1 chip, and then you only lost 1 chip in the end.

In real practice, with the Paroli method you risk losing several times before actually starting to win. As a result, while larger losses will largely come at the expense of the home, you should normally lose many times before reaching a winning streak that allows you to accumulate chips quickly. It is important to keep track of how much you are losing, to avoid going beyond the set limit. Some people prefer to look at the Paroli method as an upfront payment and then ultimately recover their money to keep things in perspective while playing.

The basic mathematics of the Paroli system

Paroli System

One of the things that beginners find hard with the Paroli method is knowing exactly when to take the winnings from the table and start again or stop altogether. Part of the decision is personal – those who are tolerant of risk compared to making a profit with roulette may want to continue playing, taking into account the progression compared to someone wishing to play all night.

Ultimately, the longer you leave the money on the table, the more likely it is to use it.

Mathematics shows us why.

When you play on the outside bets you have 18 out of 37 chances to win, just under half, due to the presence of the zero on European roulette. The odds are slightly lower in the American wheel, which has two zeros.

Su un tavolo europeo, per determinare le possibilità di vincita per ogni progressione si dovrebbe dividere 18/37 e moltiplicarlo per se stesso una volta per ogni progressione. Quindi, in pratica con quattro progressioni, si ha la possibilità 5,6 per cento di vincere. Ecco come si procede se si decide di scommettere 1 fiche per ogni giro:

  • Al primo giro avete il 48.6 % di possibilità di vincere e finire con 2 fiches
  • Alla prima progressione, avete a 23.6 % di vittoria e di finire con 4 fiches
  • Alla seconda progressione, avete an 11.5 % di vittoria e di finire con 8 fiches
  • Alla terza progressione, avete a 5.6 % di vittoria e di finire con 16 fiches
  • Alla quarta progressione, avete a 2.7 % di vittoria e di finire con 32 fiches
  • Alla quinta progressione, avete a 1.3 % di vittoria e di finire con 64 fiches

Come usare il sistema Paroli

Se avete intenzione di usare il metodo Paroli in un casinò, è una buona idea dire al croupier che si prevede di utilizzare il sistema e far loro sapere in anticipo quante progressioni si desidera fare. In questo modo, il croupier lascerà le vostre scommesse in gioco fino al completamento della progressione, e non dovrete preoccuparvi di niente se non di tenere traccia di quel che accade.

Se state giocando online, la vostra scommessa sarà rimossa dal tabellone ad ogni vittoria, quindi sarà necessario rimetterla sul tavolo virtuale. Utilizzare le informazioni sullo schermo può aiutarvi a puntare, oppure è possibile tenere traccia di tutte le quote su carta e penna, se lo volete.

Per avere sotto controllo il sistema Paroli vi consigliamo di provare un casinò online che permette di provare alcuni giri gratis prima registrarsi.

Long-term use of the Paroli system

There are no guarantees to win at roulette with any method, but you can use the Paroli system to improve your chances of winning. Keep in mind that the above numbers were statistical data and not real progress forecasts.

If you are looking for a simple and low-stress way of dealing with real or virtual casino betting, the Paroli system is a good method. Seeing is believing.